Klinsmann calls up players for October friendly

No huge shocks here, which is actually a little disappointing – Danny Williams, a German-born player with an American father who plays for Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, probably qualifies as the most surprising pick. Besides that, more of the usual Howard-Bocanegra-Onyewu-Bradley-Cherundulo-Spector-Beasley-Donovan group that we’ve come to expect. I’d love it if Jurgen Klinsmann would take … Continue reading Klinsmann calls up players for October friendly

MLS rankings: Week 24

By Jeremiah Paschke-Wood All times Pacific; first number is current ranking, second is previous ranking. I trust you can figure out the rest… 1 – 1. LA Galaxy didn’t play. Galaxy are going through a tough stretch of the tougher Western Conference opponents. If they make it through this unscathed, the Supporter’s Shield (best record) … Continue reading MLS rankings: Week 24