Wait, you signed who?

By Jeremiah Paschke-Wood As someone who is more or less a neutral when it comes to MLS teams – I vowed to support whatever team is closest to wherever my job is located after graduation, I’m always amused by MLS offseason transactions. Sure, there are always a bunch of Colombians signed, and the odd designated … Continue reading Wait, you signed who?

MLS rankings: March 27

For once, MLSsoccer.com’s Power Rankings and ours relatively agree. That’s nice to see. I’m not trying to rhyme. Not a lot of huge changes in the rankings, though good performances by San Jose and Chivas USA have them moving up a little bit. With Sporting Kansas City and Seattle off to such good starts, the … Continue reading MLS rankings: March 27

MLS rankings: Week 18

By Jeremiah Paschke-Wood I get the league’s justification for all the exhibition matches against English and Spanish teams – it’s a money maker and they do it every summer. But next to, oh, a major international tournament, it severely disrupts the regular season. And for what? So you can find out that Frederico Macheda would … Continue reading MLS rankings: Week 18